Let me show you how I live a Sidity Lifestyle & You can to! 


It is ok to let go. When you are in the process of changing your life and creating the life you want, you may have to leave some people behind. Not everyone will be willing to accept the new you. You may find yourself needing to let go of specific people who interrupt your peace. Just do it! Let them go! You will soon realize that you will begin to attract people like yourself


Less Makeup & More Lashes!

A good set of lashes can do wonders. Have you ever looked at someone and they had on so much makeup and you wondered why! Well most people wear makeup to enhance their beauty. I realized over time I didn't have to wear a crap load of makeup. Try a set of lashes, whether they are strips, cluster lashes or even the semi-permanent lashes. People don't realize throwing on a set of lashes is sometimes all you need. Im not saying throw the foundation and mascara away! Absolutely Not! What I'm saying is you don't have to over use these items in order to enhance your beauty. Lashes make your eyes pop. You go from looking like plain Jane to looking like a fabulous celebrity ๐Ÿ˜, but please don't over do the lashes! (That's another conversation for another day)


Dream Big & Believe

So if you all follow me on Facebook and Instagram, then I'm sure you have seen my product Sidity Hair Edge Perfection. I dreamed of coming out with this product about two years ago. I began working with someone to help me create my edge control, so that it would be my competitors. Regardless of what people said I knew I could bring this product out to the world and make it a success. I knew because I believed in my product and I believed in myself. I now have stores that are interested in carrying Sidity Hair Edge Perfec, all because I didn't stop believing in my product and the plans that God has for me in this billion dollar beauty industry. Yes! I said billion dollars! and I plan on getting a nice chunk of that billion dollars. 03/2018


Oh How I Love Myself

Loving yourself is sooo important. We are so quick to love things about other people , but do you ever just think of how much you love yourself.. I mean loving your the inner and outer self. And what you don't love about yourself then fix it. Maybe its your weight, your hair, your attitude. These are things you can fix. Now if you are one of those people that just hates everything about yourself, then you may want to to seek out a therapist. There is nothing wrong with seeking the help of a therapist . Just remember it is ok to love how you look, how you dress, your weight, or how your personality is bubbly, its OK!! Yes you will be call conceited, boujie, and maybe even sidity! Ladies these are compliments. Sidity is my middle name! 01/2018


Cinnamon Vanilla Latte

Yessss! and the is a very healthy latte. As you can see I use unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. Using the unsweetened almond milk cuts back on calories, fat, and sugar. Instead of using sugar, I use honey! Delicious raw honey. It doesn't get better than this. I also add some ground cinnamon to add more flavoring. This is a delicious low calorie latte! 06/2017


Do You...

Get cute honey ! and grab a friend or a couple of friends and hang out. Its important to have time hanging out with your friends. I'm not a club person, so I normally just choose a bar and grill or a sushi bar , where we can get great drinks and food. I love to have that time to just chill out and have laughs with my girls, but I also love to pick a cute outfit, do my hair and put makeup on. Lets just be honest everyday is not a good hair day or a day where all women choose to wear makeup. It may look like that on Instagram...but thats not real life.


Get Inspired!

Grab yourself multiple magazines. I like to use Glamour or Vogue. Lay back in your bed and just indulge in all the different fashions, makeup and hair ideas. Think about what would look great on you. You can also google new hairstyles and fashion ideas to stay up todate and trendy. Grab your favorite planner. I love the Happy Planner. Plan the day that you are going to go get that new hairstyle and outfit. Put it in your planner and stick with it. Every girl should do something special for themselves even if its just getting their hair done or nails done. Start planning out your me time for the weeks you choose to splurge on yourself. DONT' FEEL GUILTY!!! You deserve it!