Proud owner of Sidity Hair Salon/ Sidity Hair Products and creator of  She's Sidity. Brandi is a Licensed Master Hairstylist who specializes in all hair types. She began her career in Nashville Tennessee where she received her license at New Direction Academy a Pivot Point School. 
Growing up in a military family and having the opportunity to live throughout the country as well as overseas it wasn’t until my family moved to Huntsville Alabama where the vision to become a hair stylist and own my own Hair Salon came into play. As a young stylist who managed a salon and spa I knew at this ‘make or break moment’ it was time to walk out on faith and make my goals & dreams into a reality. I have never been one to wait on someone to do something or give me something as I have always been a Boss in the making. This is also why I created She'Sidity. She's Sidity is a women's movement and a lifestyle that shows women its ok to be confident, beautiful and classy. I'm telling every woman out there its ok to wear weave, lots of makeup and if they choose to get cosmetic surgery, then more power to them! It's ok to be glamorous on the inside and out. My motto has always been, ‘Don’t talk about it, be about it.’ I believe we are responsible for our own destiny and happiness in which 2013 I opened Sidity Hair Salon. Being the owner of Sidity Hair Salon I specialize and master in straightening natural hair, hair extensions, and maintaining healthy hair whether it’s natural or relaxed. I have a love of the art of colors and have worked with hair colors such as Matrix and Paul Mitchell. My goal is to continue my education, by attending hair shows and classes to provide up to date and quality services to my customers.