Proud owner of Sidity Hair Salon/ Sidity Hair Products and creator of  She's Sidity. Brandi is a Licensed Master Hairstylist who specializes in all hair types. She began her career in Nashville Tennessee where she received her license at New Direction Academy a Pivot Point School. 
Growing up in a military family and having the opportunity to live throughout the country as well as overseas it wasn’t until my family moved to Huntsville Alabama where the vision to become a hair stylist and own my own Hair Salon came into play. As a young stylist who managed a salon and spa I knew at this ‘make or break moment’ it was time to walk out on faith and make my goals & dreams into a reality. and quality services to my customers.


Sidity Hair Products

Over 18 years of using someone else's products. Some she liked but never truly loved the products that were being offered to her. In 2015, Brandi decided to come out with her own edge control. Edge controls were the hottest items in the beauty supply stores, and there was only one she truly liked. Brandi realized she needed to come up with a product that has no build up, no white residue . She also wanted to make sure that Sidity Hair Products would promote hair growth and maintain the health of your hair. After two years Sidity Hair Edge Perfection was created. It is currently in beauty supply stores and hairstylist are using it on their customers. In 2018 there will be a healthy hair and scalp oil  and a hair serum hitting the stores. Our plan is to come out with a full line of styling products that will help the health of our customers hair. Sidity Hair Products leave you feeling sidity and confident . Be on the look out, we are coming full force into the beauty industry.